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The theme from the show is available for piano solo. The level of difficulty is of Grade 5/6.
There is also an extended version of the theme for piano which is more advanced and would be suitable for pianists on Grade 8. Also available is the arrangement Anne wrote for Lang Lang. He recorded it for the Deluxe version of the soundtrack CD.

The Poldark Suite is an arrangement of three themes from the programme for violin and piano by Anne. These are the Main Titles theme, Resurgam and the Bal Maidens.

         UK only

        Outside UK
Theme from Poldark
Piano Solo
Theme from Poldark
Piano Solo - extended. Advanced
Theme from Poldark
Piano Solo - Lang Lang version
Poldark suite -
Violin and Piano arrangement
                                                                            UK Price                          Non-UK Price

Theme from Poldark. Piano solo                             £6.00                                     £9.00

Theme from Poldark. Piano solo - extended             £8.00                                    £11.00

Theme from Poldark. Piano solo - Lang Lang           £10.00                                   £12.00

Poldark Suite (violin and piano)                              £12.00                                   £15.00
Sample of Piano Solo
Sample of Piano Solo - extended version
Sample of Suite for Violin and Piano